The Conscious Investor

Ep311 Assess Yourself To Find Growth Beyond Your Investments with John Casmon

September 01, 2022
The Conscious Investor
Ep311 Assess Yourself To Find Growth Beyond Your Investments with John Casmon
Show Notes

Learn from the top-tier advice of John Casmon as he talks about what it takes to be a conscious and competent real estate investor. Plus, this episode will guide you on navigating priorities with your values and why you must prepare and think two steps ahead through investing. Be sure to tune in and consider this show as your starting point toward success!


A highly recommended strategy for new investors
Why do your life and career decisions need to be aligned with good values
What happens when you fail to manage your priorities
3 things you can obtain by investing the salary from your job
A great piece of advice on starting something you’ve been wanting to do


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John is the co-founder and managing partner of Casmon Capital Group. He is an entrepreneur and a multifamily syndicator whose humble beginnings in real estate investing started with him house-hacking a duplex. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and has a remarkable and extensive experience as a marketing executive for General Motors, PepsiCo, and MillerCoors campaigns. John is the co-founder of the Midwest Real Estate Networking Summit co-founder and the Multifamily Insights podcast host. He is the loving husband of his wife, Geetika, and the amazing father of his two boys.


Website: Casmon Capital Group
Podcast: Multifamily Insights | Apple & Spotify

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