The Conscious Investor

Ep313 Strategic Viewpoint On Changing Real Estate Markets with Omid Tehranirad

September 08, 2022
The Conscious Investor
Ep313 Strategic Viewpoint On Changing Real Estate Markets with Omid Tehranirad
Show Notes

Omid Tehranirad joins the show to talk about his guiding advice on crushing the short-term rental game, wiping out fear, and staying resilient with every roadblock you encounter in the real estate business. If you want to hear more about his experience as an active and passive investor and ways to secure opportunities, take this chance and press the play button now!


Main advantages of being a real estate investor
Future changes in the short-term rental business
The criteria for identifying reliable operators to work and invest with
Why you shouldn’t be afraid of passive investing risks
How to get the best result from your investments


Omid is a founding member and head of investor relations at Alpha Geek Capital. He is a full-time investor experienced in flipping homes, house-hacking, out-of-state long-term rentals, and multifamily syndicating as an LP. Now, he is hyperfocused on building his excellent portfolio in short-term rentals. For 18 years, he worked in a managerial position for a corporate job but transitioned to real estate investing after discovering the way towards freedom. He is also a mentor and public speaker dedicated to helping others build wealth by passive investing. 


LinkedIn: Omid Tehranirad

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