The Conscious Investor

Brian Briscoe on Interest Rates, Ingenuity & Integrity

December 16, 2020 Julie Holly Season 1
The Conscious Investor
Brian Briscoe on Interest Rates, Ingenuity & Integrity
Show Notes

What do you do when the interest rate changes and you're set to close? Impressively, Four Oaks Capital made a tough decision when 2019's interest rates made an unexpected shift.

Director Brian Briscoe explains sleepless nights while problem solving. As you listen you'll learn why I'm one of Four Oaks Capital's raving fans! When Four Oaks Capital decided to put their word to their investors over personal gain they leaped ahead of most investment groups.

Four Oaks is comprised of four of the most genuine savvy investors around: Brian Briscoe, Eric Shirley, Todd Butler and Brian Mallin. Their shared values and goals make them a powerful team, a team that weathers the gauntlet of finding, acquiring a solid asset while communicating well with investors.

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