The Conscious Investor

Gaelin Elmore in How to overcome adversity

September 13, 2021 Julie Holly Season 2
The Conscious Investor
Gaelin Elmore in How to overcome adversity
Show Notes

When a child is born into this world they are not in control of their circumstances. For some, their lives are sent into a whirlwind of struggles. Foster care, abuse, neglect.  All things that could lead to a very rough life. So how do we help change the trajectory of their path? How can we help influence their mindset so that they see their trauma for what it is and recognize that it doesn’t define them?

Gaelin Elmore uses his experience in adversity to help others grow.  Adversities will always be there in life, but how we chose to handle them can determine how we grow from them and potentially lead us into better versions of ourselves. 

“Don’t underestimate the mindset influence you have on others” 

What is adversity? How can we use it to fuel our future? 

How to help others see their adversity as it truly is? And grow from it? 

Why your trauma does not define you, and how to recognize it for what it is? 

How to use your mindset to help others overcome adversity?

“Have the courage to overreact.”

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